5 thoughts on “How a kiss between 2 women led to this podcast.

  1. Thank you Candace. African LGBTQ rights have been set back fifty years with the Presidency of Museveni in Uganda. What is required is an ACT UP campaign on an international front, with the condemnation of these archaic laws.

  2. What a beautiful story. Especially liked the interview with your wife. Perhaps to personal a question, but you mention you were engaged to a man, suggested you’ve kissed plenty of men, and your wife was by all means straight when you got together–why not identify as bisexuals? How did owning this lesbian identity come about? I’ve known two partnered women who identify as bisexual and yet are committed to each other. I also have read somewhere that there tends to be more sexual fluidity among women. -This maybe bisexual/maybe lesbian wants to know.

    • Hey Jess-thanks for your question. I actually did identify as bisexual in the beginning of my coming out. You are right that I experienced an attraction to both men and women at the time. But as I moved through my process and let myself be attracted to women, any feelings I had for men went away. I began to realize the identity of bi no longer fit. Hope this answers your question 🙂

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