Gay and Christian?

IMG_0647Ever wonder what a conversation between a conservative Christian and a gay Christian might sound like?  In this months podcast I’m doing something a bit different; instead of me doing the interviewing, I’m being interviewed.  An old friend of mine from my college Bible study group asked if he could interview me and while I felt anxious about being vulnerable with someone who considers my love for my wife to be a sin, it felt important to do the interview in order to give voice to the hope that you can be LGBTQ and Christian.  I want to give a disclaimer that he does ask questions that might triggor people who have been harmed by the church and he also uses language like I “chose to be gay” which of course I disagree with.  I hope my words resinate with you and perhaps even help give you language for your own journey.  Click here to listen.

One thought on “Gay and Christian?

  1. Thanks for sharing in this interview, Candice. I found it both helpful and interesting. I thought you both did well communicating with each other, seeing as you came from different places, and dealt with the inevitable tensions in a very gracious manner. I continue to listen and learn. Best regards. Bernard.

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